Corporate and Business Events

We offer corporate and business travel, for your company staff, executives and guest. With collection from all UK airports  and sea ports, or where requires, with the corporate account being passed back to the main company. To receive further information on our corporate account please complete the form and we will reply as soon as possible.

Open an Corporate Account

Ex: Manager, Owner, etc.

Priority Service

Opening an account with Cab Line Canterbury Taxis ensures that you will receive a priority service. We will invoice your company on either a 7-, 14- or 30-day basis, with full details of each journey.

If you require, these can be sub-totalled for each individual department or employee, enabling you to monitor and control travel budgets.

Open an account with Cab Line Taxis

Over 200 local businesses and many national corporates use a Cab Line Taxis Priority Account.


We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service and our dedicated Priority Account management team will assist you with any support you require. You’ll also receive access to our rapid response Priority Account booking line.


If you make very regular journeys, require a delivery service or even a school run pickup, you should also consider opening an account with Cab Line Taxis. All our account customers are always guaranteed a vehicle, even during the busiest periods.

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